2. Product Basic Information - BA1

Item No.: BA1-b
Basic information about BA1(compound bow assistant).

Compound bow assistant - BA1

Below picture show you what's in the box. A alloy track, a steel ball dome, arrow rest, release aid


Major Material Net Weight Length, Width and Height Color
6061 Aluminium Alloy 900g 80cm*3cm*3.7cm Bright Orange & Black in stock




BA1 Alloy Track


Functional space track section with anti-collision damage designs, most resistant to impact, to protect from damage the inside of the central. 

Steel ball Dome


The dome has a built-in strong magnet with holes, which can absorb steel balls and pellets, so that it could be shot in any direction. The dome is made of polycarbonate, which is light and strong. 


Release Aid

Release aid is made of 6061 aluminum alloy and 304 stainless steel, including the internal springs, balls, thimble, and pins are all 304 stainless steel.

Certainly, release aid could be used separately.


Arrow Rest


The arrow rest is made of stainless steel and TPU. It can be adjusted up and down when it is fixed to the bow, and is strong enough to withstand a greater force. The size is similar to the general arrow stand, and it can be compatible with most bows.